Lulus Face Painting
Lulus Face Painting
Lulus Face Painting
Lulus Face Painting
Invite a splash of color, a poof of glitter and a whole lot of entertainment to your next party or event. Hire our talented artist to come and paint your guests.
Perfect for kids of
all ages, 2-102!


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LuLu's Face Painting is based in Duvall, WA and serves surrounding towns and cities including Seattle, Everett, Redmond & Bellevue.


All About Our Face Painting
From superheroes and zombies to butterfly fairies and unicorn princesses, our central talent is our professional face painting service. Our style is whimsical and detailed, guaranteed to create smiles and turn heads. With lots of practice and ninja-like brush skills, we are able to produce beautiful designs in minutes, making the experience quick and easy, even for the wiggly ones.
​We only use FDA approved, water-based paints, formulated specifically for faces. These paints are completely non-toxic (you could eat them, but they wouldn't taste very good!). All of our glitters and adhesives are also cosmetic grade and safe for use on faces and near the eyes.​
We paint full faces as well as cheek art and can provide designs to choose from, or bring to life an idea of your own. We gear our work toward a 12 and under age group (patience and a lot of glitter!), but our paint is appropriate for all those young at heart. Elaborate painting for adult parties and events is available by request.
Face Paint FAQs
What are face paints?
Face "paints" are cosmetic, water-based theatrical make-up, not really paint at all.  At LuLu's Face Painting, we use professional face painting brands like TAG, Diamond Fx, Wolfe Fx, Kryolan and Paradise, formulated specifically for faces. We buy our supplies from knowledgeable, reputable sources such as and Professional face painters should use professional supplies, and we take pride in being and doing just that.


Are face paints easy to wash off?
Being water-based, in most cases face paint will wash off easily in the bath or shower. The easiest way to remove face paint is to apply some glycerine-based soap directly to the painted area, rub gently, then use a warm wet washcloth to gently remove the soap and face paint. Makeup remover or cold cream are also effective products used for removing stubborn face paint.
Some colors (especially red, black and dark green or blue) may leave a temporary light stain on some people's skin, particularly for those with very pale or dry skin. This is harmless and will fade within a couple days. If you would like to prevent this, try moisturizing your face with lotion before being painted.
How do you keep your paints and supplies clean and hygienic?
Professional face paints are designed to be used on hundreds of faces and contain antimicrobial ingredients to keep them hygienic. Our cosmetic brushes, sponges, paints and supplies are routinely disinfected after each job, to assure the highest level of sanitation.
We are actively conscientious about not spreading germs, and will refuse to paint anyone who is or appears to the artist to be sick or suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis, ringworm, sunburn, eczema, any infectious skin condition or open wounds. This may seem harsh, but it keeps them and the rest of our clients safe. Sometimes we will suggest painting on unaffected skin on their arm instead.
What if I'm worried about allergic reactions?
Allergic reactions to face paints are rare, but as a precaution, people with skin allergies or sensitive skin should either not participate, or have the artist perform a patch test.